vendredi 28 septembre 2012

A Pair of Birthday Slippers

My boyfriend asked me to knit a pair of slippers for his mother for her birthday this weekend.  Socks and slippers always seemed a little bit difficult and time consuming to me, but these took about 2 days to knit, a day for each.

I took the basic pattern from This Website, but finding the directions somewhat confusing, decided to do it my own way!  The cable pattern in itself isn't difficult at all, so I took that basic idea and using smaller needles and yarn I came up with this:

They're for a size 6 1/2 (39 France), but they fit my feet just fine (I'm about an 8 1/2 -9), although they could be more fitted for my shoe size.  I used a fingering weight yarn and #4 (US) needles, and got a gauge about 10st to an inch.

The only thing I would change would be to purl the whole top of the foot, because I'm not a fan of the bands of knit and purl stitches, but hey!  Something to know for next time!  

-I started with 52 st, split them across 3 dp needles (#1 = 13st, #2 = 26st #3 - 13st)  and knit 5 rows in k1p1 ribbing for 5 rounds.  
-I then took the 26 "heel stitches" (needles #1 + #3) and continued in k1p1 ribbing for 21 rows and turned the heel in the same manner as with my Around the House Slippers , knitting 15 st and then decreasing until 16st remained.
-I then picked up 19 st along the edge (although you should probably only pick up makes for a prettier sock) and connected it to the "top" needle with the 26st.  
-For the first round on the top needle, you'll need to knit the first two st together to get an odd number on that needle for the pattern, which is (at least with 25 st) : k5, p3, k9, p3, k5.  You can, of course, add more purl st, or even more k stitches.
-Every other row on the heel needles will be a decrease row, where you knit until only 3 st remain on needle #1, k2tog, k1, and then on needle #3, you'll k1, k2tog.  
-Every 3rd row on the top needle I made a pattern (two rows of k5, p3, k9, p3, k5, one row of cabling, two rows of k5, p3, k9, p3, k5....etc), but on the website they have you put more space in between the cabled rows due to the thicker yarn and bigger needles, but hey, you do whatever you think looks best!
-Keep up in this manner until the slipper measures about an inch or so shorter than your foot, and then begin decreasing!
-To decrease, keep following the decrease pattern used for the heel needles, and begin to do the same with the top needle, where you'll k1, k2tog, continue following the pattern across the slipper until 3 st remain, k2tog, k1.  
-When you have to k2tog with a knit and a purl st opt to p2tog instead.
-Stop decreasing when only the 9st in the middle remain (the stitches you cabled with), cut a 7inch tail and use the Kitchner Stitch to sew everything up!

Sorry about the pictures...I need to get some models or something and should probably stop taking pictures of my own feet!  

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to send me and e-mail or a comment or anything,  My Ravelry account can be found here, where you can access all of my patterns and send me a private message as well!

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